Thursday, 16 November 2017

What To Pair With A White Shirt For Autumn/Winter

A Vibrant Silk Scarf

Embrace an autumnal colour palette of oranges and golds combined with heavier silk twills and wool lends for warmth.

1. Vintage 1980s Paisley Fringed Hem Scarf
2. Vintage 1980s Silk Neck Scarf Orange and Black Arabesque Print
3. Vintage 1980s Laura Ashley Scarf Tartan Wool Silk Blend Scarf
4. Vintage 1970s Haye Paris Astrology Motif Silk Scarf
5. Vintage 1960s Laure de Berins Graphic Print Silk Scarf
6. Vintage 1960s Chandon Green Floral Print Silk Square Scarf
7. Vintage 1960s Gucci Cotton Circus Motif Scarf
8. Vintage 1980s Bob Mackie Woman Motif Silk Scarf
9. Vintage 1980s Duck Print Salvatore Ferragamo Silk Scarf

A Statement Jacket

A statement jacket might be a classic plaid or a bright pop of colour - throw over the shoulders for a look that is elegant, yet inspiring.

1. Vintage 1980s Florence Orange and Yellow Plaid Wool Jacket Size Medium
2. Vintage 1980s Marathon Mustard Houndstooth Jacket Size 14/42
3. Vintage 1950s Red and Black Faux Fur Collar Swing Jacket Size Large
4. Vintage 1970s Tapestry Print Multi-Coloured Dress Jacket Size Medium
5Vintage 1980s John Patterson Sheepskin Fawn Jacket Size Extra Small
6. Vintage 1970s Cherry Multi-Coloured Zig Zag Jacket Size Medium
7. Vintage 1980s Kenzo Yellow Abstract Print Jacket Size 12/40
8. Vintage 1980s St Michael District Collarless Jacket Size 10/38

The Mini/Micro Bag

The smaller bag is back! Styles from the early 2000s are back in a big way. It might not be the most practical, but for an evening out, what could be more effortlessly chic than a white shirt, dark jeans and a handheld bag - just about big enough for your phone and keys!

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