Wednesday, 29 November 2017

#StyledByMe: Naomi

Nitya Flora Jacket

Naomi has an amazing blog that I've been following since I met her, about 6 months ago, but our constantly busy and clashing schedules mean we only just got around to shooting with each other!

Naomi's style is usually understated elegance or casual cool. She can't live without her figure-hugging black jeans or her pretty embroidered Zara shirt which she paired with a delicate black lace bralette to meet me at my studio.

What I found really surprising and fun was her willingness to embrace the quirkiest prints - she singled out a men's silk shirt with a Chinese monk print and jiggled it with glee - 'I love this! It's crazy! Why do I love this?!'

I really enjoyed how she adapted my more 'out there' garments to make them extremely wearable and on-trend. You can check out her blog here and her Insta here.  Enjoy her lookbook below!

La Strada Cotton Shirt

Les Nguyen Kimono Jacket

Mondi Tassel Print Shirt

Ceramic Necklace

Vintage Floral Top


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