Monday, 16 October 2017

The Best Vintage Inspired Halloween Costumes

1. The Mummy

Layer up some bohemian jewellery with creepy bandages and golden make-up to channel the spooky, Ancient Egyptian ghoul.

2. The Magician 

Harlequin print shorts, a velvet cape and optional bunny in the hat! Everything you need to magic up a perfect outfit.

3. The Spooky Clown 

Inspired by IT, there are bound to be a tonne of clowns around this halloween! Rock stripy overalls with pom pom details and spooky harlequin inspired make-up.

4. The Hippy 

A classic - layer up flower power flares with a ridiculous pair of sunglasses and a poncho. If you look like you've come straight from Woodstock, you're getting the idea!

5. 1920s Flapper 

Check out Make Do And Vamp's tutorial (click on the image below) for this gorgeous 1920s style crown. Wear with a beaded drop waist dress and art deco inspired jewellery for optimal impact.

6. Margot Tenenbaum 

Fur coat and pastel colours = done! Probably the quickest fix costume on this list.

7. Cheerleader 

Oh I think that I've found myself a cheerleader! There are lots of vintage cheerleading sets hanging around online, and the best thing is that you can keep the outfits and wear the skirt and sweater separately for day to day looks.

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8. Dorothy

We're not in Kansas anymore! Because here you can find ruby woo slippers, gingham check and adorable vintage wicker bags within the click of a button.

9. Prom Queen 
Layers of tulle and ruffles in ice cream colours look amazing for Halloween. This dress is a particular favourite! You can find some other Grease inspired options here and here.

10. Showgirl 

Embrace sparkles with a diamante bralette and ostrich feather headdress!

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11. Amelia Earheart 

For fearless girls. Beige jodhpurs, a crisp white shirt, and flying leathers will complete this!


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