Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Moschino Top 100 Curated by Trendlistr

One of Italy's most iconic fashion houses has a long legacy of humorous, sometimes satirical, but always conversation-starting fashion. Moschino's ingenuity means that is has been pushing the limits of high-end fashion since it's inception in the early 1980s. 

We have rounded up our favourite selection of Vintage Moschino on the web - some of these pieces have been sold already but are included for their importance and striking design. A lot of these pieces are still available for purchase, click the link to be taken to the product page! 

We hope you enjoy this round up, and we will be doing this for several more designers as we understand the importance of curating the best of vintage when the web can be so overwhelmingly full of products.

1. Moschino Vintage House Print Coat
4. Moschno Car Print Bomber Jacket
6. Moschino Novelty House Handbag
8. Moschino Lichenstein Print Top

1. Moschino Newspaper Print Blazer
5. Moschino Cruise Me Top
6. Moschino Love Is Art Skirt (£337)

8. Moschino Jeans 

1. Moschino Bustier Top
2. Moschino Spotted Dress
3. Moschino Strapless Dress
7. Moschino Men's Photocollage Shirt
8. Moschino Jacket

5. Moschino Belt (£200)

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