Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Why Should You Sell Your Vintage With Trendlistr?

Well, naturally we had to write this article - after all, we wouldn't exist if we didn't think we weren't the right platform for the job! Here ares a few reasons why you might want to consider becoming a seller on Trendlistr, the new vintage fashion marketplace...

1. Unlimited free listings
We are really proud that the Trendlistr platform is not charging sellers for listings they haven't sold. We feel it's important that sellers aren't paying for items that might not ever sell, and that they can comfortable upload a great range and variety of items to their profile, without even having to think of the cost.

2. A Curated Platform
Trendlistr is a curated vintage platform, meaning that administrators control the listings on the marketplace for great quality product photography, on-trend items, and authenticity. Being alongside fabulous items on the electronic shelf means the brand you've worked so hard to build up isn't damaged by the bargain bin prices of other traders, and buyers have a great browsing experience online, encouraging "dwell time," that more frequently results in a sale.

3. Social Media Reach

Trendlistr has had a rapidly growing social media following since it's launch in May 2017. We have over 2k+ follows on Instagram and average over 100k+ monthly views on our Pinterest page. 

We actively promote, and generally shout about members of our community and beyond, and have cultivated a following that truly cares about Trendlistr and appreciates its' aesthetic and mission! As a seller, you will benefit from traffic being driven to your items, as well as plenty of chances to tell your story and get people excited about your shop - be it online only or even bricks and mortar!

If you'd like more information about becoming a seller with us, contact our founder at!

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