Tuesday, 29 August 2017

10 of the Best: Vintage Denim Jackets

Ah, the denim jacket. A garment that is such a staple of casual cool style that it rarely gets a mention anymore. One of the most versatile pieces in the modern wardrobe, everyone should have at least one: unrestrictive, cosy, almost comforting in its familiarity. Trendlistr wanted to remind us all about how versatile a vintage denim jacket is, and shine a spotlight on some of our favourite finds online!

1. The Classic

Slightly oversized, slouchy, tough denim to withstand any long day out. This beauty from LHITW is a great example of a piece to throw on over any outfit.

2. The Shearling Collar

Channel your inner 1940s pilot (that's a saying right?) with a vintage jacket boasting a cosy shearling neckline. This piece from Lucky Threads Vintage is the perfect transitional dressing jacket, to take you seamlessly from summer nights to cool autumn days.

3. 'Been There, Done That'

Who doesn't love a piece of clothing with an ironic souvenir twist to it? This Hard Rock Cafe jacket from fab shop Wandering Fashion would be right at home on Bella Hadid!

4. Thinking Pink

A pink denim jacket should be a wardrobe staple. Millennial pink is a colour that is almost as versatile as any denim - wear with nudes, blacks or colourful graphic prints and it will temper it with a burst of sweetness. We love this piece from Afro Judaku!

5. The Big Bold Graphic One

Ah, Vivienne Westwood, she can do no wrong! Combine shades of blue tones in a funky print for an 80s inspired look. Throw over block colours or a matchy-matchy co-ord for an up to date look. Grab this jacket at Nothing Special!

6. Crop Shop

A cropped denim jacket is boxy and simple, it looks great over a simple loose black slip dress to tone down an outfit for a casual occasion. This one is from Dripping Dream Vintage and is perfectly fitted!

7. Patched Up
I'm in love with this dream jacket which reminds me of Ashish - and you should be too! Patches always inject fun and personality into every outfit, and with Gucci revisiting them on the runway, they are only going to become more popular. Check out Beta Apparel to buy.

8.  White Out
A vintage Ralph Lauren denim jacket in crisp white is given an aztec inspired makeover with some simple but eye-catching beading work. A one off piece to take into Autumn and throw on over almost anything, grab it here.

9. Acid Wash

The 1980s staple was the beaten up, acid wash denim look that made your jacket look worn-in and well-loved. Today, acid wash is best when paired with silky fabric for an on-trend, clashing textural look. I love this example from fab independent vintage site Grandma Funk!

10. Power Red

In case you haven't heard, power red is the colour of Autumn/Winter 2017. Deep but bold tones work the best with the texture of denim and pair perfectly with colour blocking outfits. I love the militaria inspired details on this jacket from Faded Threads Vintage.


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