Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Vintage Trend That Nobody Saw Coming

Fashion has a way of taking the Uncool, and accelerating it to superstar trend status before you can say 'spotted on Bella Hadid'. The most recent victim of this? The wicker bag.

A humble 1950s vintage trend for woven bags made of wicker (a technique that goes back as far as Ancient Egypt) has become the latest coveted item by fashion's in crowd.

Known for its' strength and resistance to the elements, wicker is the ideal material for a handbag - the item of clothing that sees the most bashing and wear in the shortest space of time, on average. 

Look for styles with leather trim or with Chanel inspired chains to really bring the look up to date. Or, you could tie a vintage silk scarf to the handle of your bag to give it a fresh style update without splashing the cash!

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If you're feeling funky, you can also find a wealth of novelty shaped wicker bags online - we love this dog design!

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