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Trendlistr Met... Peony Vintage!

Today on the blog I am pleased to say I chatted with Peony Vintage about what prompted her to start up her succesful vintage shop in Margate, and what her hopes are for the future! You can shop Peony online or visit them instore at 12A King Street, Margate, CT9 1DA. Georgie sources her pieces from across the globe, and as she puts it 'each one has its own story to tell.' Enjoy!
What inspired you to set up Peony Vintage?

I’ve never felt confident in my own decisions, and when I started to buy and recognize vintage wherever I went I realized that I could turn something I enjoy into something which can be shared for others. I’ve always loved costume, having grown up around the theatrical world, and I think if I’m honest, ‘Masquerade’ from The Phantom of the Opera has been one of the biggest influences on my love of colour, detail, and pattern. My love of pink came from Christine Daee’s costume in this scene too. My mum was a singer and a seamstress and always inspired me to be creative and have faith in all I do.

You have a bricks and mortar shop and you sell online - why did you decide to do both?

A friend that specialises in on trend designer and street vintage outgrew the space of her first shop and gave me first refusal on the space. She’s now next door and business is booming. From what I’ve seen, most people build a brand before even considering a shop space, but for me it happened the opposite way around. I have built my brand around the space and am still learning day by day, from what people want to what people are actually prepared to part money with. Developing an online store seemed the natural progression for me, as vintage clothing is a worldwide love, and I would like the vintage I sell to be as accessible as possible. 

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What has been the biggest challenge for Peony over the past few years? How did you overcome it?

I’ve only been open since the end of 2016 so I am just working each day to get my brand out there, and reach as many people as possible. I collaborate with lots of other entrepreneurs and local makers and have found this the biggest blessing to be able to do so.

Why do you think that vintage clothing is so special? What sets it apart from the high street?

I like vintage clothing because you are essentially recycling and giving something with a story a loving home. It’s a completely ethical way of shopping, but also damn stylish and so many different pieces from different eras can be used to create different looks. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ for vintage clothing and I think that’s so important when celebrating womanhood and all we are that is beautiful.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about vintage?

I think the biggest misconception about vintage is 1. It’s ONLY for size 8s (because it completely isn’t!) and 2. That it’s only to be worn in conjunction with a whole styled outfit including hair and make up. Vintage can be worn however suits the soul best.

Where do you see Peony in 5 years time? What is the Peony 'mission'?

I see Peony being one of the biggest names in the UK’s female vintage market. There are plenty of reproduction companies that produce beautiful garments, high end couture and designer but not many middle ground brands that sell at an affordable and acceptable price to the consumer that are both online and have a shop.

What would you say to anyone who was thinking of becoming a vintage seller?

Do it! Do what you love and make sure you give it all the love in the world. Remember, you’re saving clothing from going to landfill and being wasted. Someone somewhere will feel beautiful wearing it.


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Shoot Credits 

Abigail’s Tea Party 2017

Photography; Rob Duncan Photography


Location/Food/Drink; Batchelors Patisserie


Hair ; Fern Sanders Culpitt


Styling/Wardrobe; Peony Vintage



Just A Uniform




Jaide Poppy








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