Thursday, 29 June 2017

The Vintage-Style Satchels That Are About To Become a Must Have

Passionate and ethically-driven, Beara Beara began, like many small fashion businesses looking to create their brand, with a stall in the Old Spitalfields market of East London. Today it boasts shops in London and Shanghai, and outlets in Taiwan and Hong Kong opening soon - making it a truly global operation.
From a small family-run Bolivian business, where the bags are handcrafted, to a multi-national success story, Beara Beara has stayed championing it's vintage inspired line of leather goods that look fantastic with any outfit: from the ultra feminine to the feisty.

A crowdfunding campaign will be launched on CrowdCube from 12 June - 09 July 2017 to raise £380,000 worth of capital to enable a brand that exudes effortless cool, to reach its full potential. 

So what began in 2012 as a unique collaboration between an Irish entrepreneur and a small Bolivian family business, has now become renowned as a classic London designer brand coveted by fashion bloggers and lovers of handcrafted leather handbags.

So, what makes Beara Beara so special? 

Founder Jake Bullough happened across a small, family run business in La Paz who had been making leather bags by hand for generations.  

Recognising the amazing quality raw leather and the generations of expertise and experience in Bolivia, Bullough set about turning his designs - which take their influence from vintage British classics – into a collection of never seen before backpacks, satchels and handbags and so Beara Beara was born.

With the Bolivian expertise and Bullough’s British vintage-inspired designs, Beara Beara quickly caught the eye of highly acclaimed fashion bloggers, stylists and celebrities such as Taylor Swift. The collaboration transformed the lives of the Bolivian manufacturers. With a factory, improved working conditions and profits for their hard work, this meant better lives for the skilled workers and a regular pay cheque. And now those figures are due to double, to say the least.

The whole Beara Beara story is one of inspiration, ethics and passion. These values are reflected in a loyal and dedicated customer base who connect with the brand, its values and vision.

The dedication, effort and expertise that goes into every bag reflect this young business’ ambition and desire to become one of the world’s leading designer brands.

Founder Jake Bullough said: “We have plans to take people off the streets and train them to become skilled leather workers. Improving the lives of our employees is a key part of our company’s approach."

“We didn’t establish a business and try to make it ethical.  Rather, we established something ethical and it flourished as a business. We believe that business is not only a way to make money but is also an opportunity to make a positive difference in the world.”

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