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25 Completely Unique Ways To Wear A Scarf

Once the reserve of grannies and posh mums, the scarf has re-entered the fashion mainstream. Silky squares in eye-catching prints are a luxurious nod to this classic piece and re-styled in ways that breathe new life into the accessory. We've compiled 25 ways to wear it that are anything but fuddy-duddy. You can check out our scarf selection here, and thank us later ;)

1. The headband scarf

A classic, perfect for a retro inspired summer hairstyle without the effort.

2. Micro Bag Adornment

Pop it on a mini bag for a quick style update.
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3. Long and Skinny, on a Bag

Let it hang, baby!

4. The Gaga Bow

Bring it back from 2008 and into 2017 by wrapping a vintage scarf around your hair and into a pretty, plump bow on the top of your head.

5. The Bikini Wrap

A little bit naughty, but very nice. Twist the scarf and tie it at the back or front to create a strapless bikini style. Pair with a beach cover up and layered necklaces for extra effect.

6. Loose and Lovely

Perch a skinny scarf around your neck and let it hang loose, this is great for scarves with intricate prints that deserve to be shown off! Coordinate colourways to really pull an outfit together.

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7. On A Floppy Hat

Straw hats are a summer must but can look a bit fusty. Wrap a silk scarf around it for a beach ready look!

8. Normcore Belted Shirt Dress

Update a plain cotton dress by wrapping a printed scarf around the waist. A pop of colour and creates a flattering waist cinch - what's not to like?!

9. On A Handheld Clutch

This also makes it much harder to lose...

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10. The Loop and Knot

Perfect for scarves that are skinny and silky, wear like this for a look that's as luxurious as it is cool.

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11. The English Country Wrap

Grab your tweed jacket and wear this classic look for a country classic.

12. Silken Bib
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13. The Bow Tie

Who needs chokers when you have these? Much comfier and more unique - tie a scarf in a plush bow around your neck.

14. Threaded Through Button Holes

A great look on blazers with missing buttons to save you from getting rid. Loop them through the button holes and tie at the front.

15. The Turban

Ideal for those hot summer days. Pair with red lipstick and statement earrings for the ultimate accessorization.

16. The Cheerleader Pony Accessory

Hark back to the late 80s by tying short to mid length hair up with a small scarf.

17. Beautiful Braids Thread through hair, if you dare.

18. The Jackie O
A vintage classic. Looks best in a Cadillac and with oversized shades.

19. The Silk Bun

The downsized turban for ladies with shorter hair. Match a matte lipstick to the colourway.

20. The Half Turban

21. The Scarf Clip

Wear like a choker and finish off with a vintage scarf clip. Is it a necklace, is it a scarf? Who cares, it looks great!

22. The Long Pony

Wrap it around a pony tail once, tie it in a knot, and let the rest of it flow.

23. Wrapped Around A Bag Handle

This style was made for the summer trend of wicker bags! Remember to tie on each end so it doesn't come loose when you're out and about.

24. The Strapless Top

Why not?! Wrap it around you and tie at the back. You might need some tit tape for this one though....

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25. Or you know, you could just make it into a pair of knickers!

Check out how stunning this set is from Thrill Factory lingerie! This just might convince us to convert some of our older scarves into completely new pieces...

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