Friday, 26 May 2017

Why We Changed Our Site!

As you may have noticed, Trendlistr has (very) recently relaunched with a slightly different looking website that offers PayPal as a payments system.

I wanted to explain why we have done this.

Why Paypal?

We felt it was important to integrate Paypal with Trendlistr because it is such a trusted name. It is reliable, it provides comprehensive support for sellers and buyers alike, and people know the payment flow and feel comfortable using it. 

We have made it so that the Paypal payment is automatically split between the seller and the platform, so sellers don't have to worry about being invoiced for fees - it all happens instantly and automatically. Buyers can be assured that they are using a secure payment gateway that gives them all the protections they would want while shopping online.

We are looking to add a Stripe payment integration in future to give those who want to use it the option of activating it, but Paypal will remain the primary payment method for the website.

Why did you change the website?

We just think it looks and works better with this newest version. The fact that it is a private marketplace for sellers (who have to apply or be invited to sell on Trendlistr) means our job of controlling quality and content is much easier and we can focus on promoting the seller community we do have. You don't have to apply to Trendlistr to buy an item, or if you've been invited as a seller.

We hope that you enjoy these new updates as much as we do!

Contact us at if you have any further questions, comments or queries.

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