Thursday, 11 May 2017

How To Wear Vintage This Summer

Vintage, just like 'normal' clothing, changes with every season. In winter, the market shifts towards elegant trouser suits, fur coats, and maxi dresses with high collars and in summer, we always see a return to the floatier, bohemian trends. After all, you might love the Mad Men look, but there's nothing comfortable and breezy about Joan's wardrobe!

For summer 2017, vintage is back in a subtle way. It's not about going 'all out 60s' or embracing one style from head to toe, but about mixing together diverse elements of style to create something that discreetly says 'I'm interesting, I experiment, and I'm all about the street styling.'

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Think of the 'nu aesthetic' of the Kardashians (bear with me on this one). Kim's stylist Avigail Claire recently sourced several vintage items (among which an Escada skirt from the 1980s, and an equally retro D&G t-shirt) that Kim seamlessly integrated into her wardrobe of street inspired, overtly sexy wardrobe. She wore both pieces with modern outfits, straight off the catwalk, and the press was keen to point out that her vintage items were 'inimitable' and 'one of a kind.'

Sometimes you wear vintage just to know that your clothes have a story, something special, something that might not be obvious from the outside.

For summer, think about a touch of jewelry, or a scarf or beach cover up to add this special dimension to your clothing. Don't make the vintage the centre of attention, make it the special detail that pulls your outfit together. Fashion's push back against the obvious, against monogrammed logos adorning every surface and garishness means that this new way to wear vintage will be embraced not only by celebrities but increasingly by others. The high street is already wise to this, with many big brands bringing out 'retro-inspired collections' pulled from designs nestled in their archives so all shoppers can indulge in a sartorial throwback.

Remix style is a new style - THE new style - and you heard it hear first!

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