Monday, 1 May 2017

7 Instagram Hair Trends You Have To Try

(If you're brave enough!) What is it about Instagram that makes it the most prolific way to spread a beauty trend? No one knows, but what is sure is that it is a constant mine of reinvention and new inspiration for everything - from fashion to the home, to hair! Check out our top 7 Instagram hair trends of the moment below...

1. Frosted Tips, Remixed 

Remember in the 90s when any boy who was even remotely *kool* got his tips bleached then spiked them up with a half gallon of gel? Well, today's interpretation is candy coloured frosted tips that scream 'frosting' more than 'N*sync'. Baby pink, pastel blue or blonde on dark hair, the last inch or two is died and the rest stays a flat, consistent colour.

2. Carebear Underlights 

The crazy aunt of the new frosted tip, carebear under lights (a term coined by Canadian hair superstar, Kelly Woodford) consist of a hidden rainbow in hair that looks otherwise unassuming.

3. The Pulp Fiction Bob 

Short hair had a bit of a comeback in the early noughties, then was swept by the wayside as volume, waves and superstar braids gained popularity boosted by shows like TOWIE. The bob is the new haircut for those pushing back against the traditional blogger aesthetic: sleek, sophisticated and statement making, a dark black colour emphasises the cut in the most daring way.

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4. Crochet Braids

 Stunning twisted braids that hang down your back - they create volume, depth, and shine. Work an undercut like personal stylist @leahcroc for added edgy glamour.

This is my new page since my old one doesn't work properly no more after a hack! 😫 but it's all good we will make it work through here ! ♥️♥️ Remember those days when your mum, aunty, sister or girlfriend would braid your hair? And to spice it up they would add beads of any color to it. Who has at least one picture of themselves wearing braids with noise-making and colorful beads in their hair ? 🤚🏾🤚🏾🤚🏾 me for sure lol! Yesterday, I went to the local beauty supply store and bumped into those beads and thought; that would be a nice and easy way to spice up great hairstyles🤔. Even though it supposed to be a kids hair tool (mi na care lol) I got them for very very cheap (1,49 à pack) went home and started to experiment and see what I could do with those little cute tings aaaaand this is what came out 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾 . This hairstyle is so far my favorite! It's an incredibly easy and gorgeous look I was able to create with the beads (white hair accessories in picture) and added filigree tubes (gold accessories in pictures) !. Comment below what you think about the hairstyle 😍😍😍 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #curlyhairrocks #curlyhair #lockenkopf #curlyhairdontcare #curlyhairstyles #happy #love #summer2017 #eritrean #eritrean #habeshatakeover #blackbeauty #beautifulwomen #braidstyles #afrohair #africangirl #melaningoddess #melaninpoppin #instagood #picoftheday #stuttgart #happymonday #afrohaare #lockigehaare #garyvee #cute #frogirl #bootyfordays #booty🍑 #blackgirlmagic @curlyperfectly @slayers_onlyy
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5. Beads Please 

The beads are back! But this time they've matured, choose just three or four to entwine strategically in your hair. Just the right amount of playful!

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6. Floral Takeover 

Not only just a trend in clothing, the floral takeover extends to hair. Updos and loose but complex braided styles are entwined with florals, both real and fake to create true statement styles. Good luck in the wind with this 'do!

7. Rose Gold Hair

 From Michael Kors watches, to iPhones, to your locks - rose gold is truly an unstoppable trend. Warm peachy highlights mingle with baby pink tones to create an altogether new hair colour. Between ginger and strawberry blonde, a rose gold mane is warm, quite subtle, and makes hair look rich and multifaceted.


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