Tuesday, 30 May 2017

10 Fashion Start Ups That Will Change How We Shop

1. Clothia

"Online platform for emerging European designers."

The problem: It takes huge amounts of money for new fashion designers to create a breakout collection and market it. 

The solution: Clothia is an online platform geared towards the promotion of emerging European designers. It offers a solution for new designers to manage their fledgling brands easily and efficiently, whilst connecting the world with great new fashion talent!

2. Third Love

"ThirdLove is a fast-growing intimates brand designing bras with real women in mind. Instead of using standard industry measurements, we developed proprietary half-cup sizes based on thousands of real women’s measurements."

The problem: Most women wear the wrong bra size, finding underwear uncomfortable and awkward.

The solution: A new measurement system that allows for greater variety of cuts and fits to suit more women. 

3. Le Tote

"Our unique model gives customers access to an unlimited closet of clothing and accessories for a monthly membership fee. "

The problem: People want access to the latest styles, but can't always afford the newest items.

The solution: Le Tote sends out items based on an algorithm to your door that you are able to use as part of your membership to the programme. Gives you variety to a tonne of styles and pieces for a fraction of what they would cost to own!

4. Fashion Project

"Fashion Project is the leading donation partner of the fashion and retail industry; powering donation programs for the most coveted luxury and lifestyle brands."

The problem: When designer goods are sold through charity shops, they often only sell for a fraction of their resale value, meaning charities miss out on a chunk of money from the sale.

The solution: Fashion Project works with retailers and charities to create donation programmes 'in house' to avoid this from happening, allowing secondhand items to sell for high prices and net more money for charitable organisations in the process. 

5. Thread

"Using data and stylists to help men dress well without having to go shopping"

The problem: Men hate shopping. Mainly.

The solution: Thread analyses your personal style then sends you a parcel with hand-selected garments for your consideration. You can try before you buy, and you only pay for what you keep, just send back what you don't want!

6. Style Lend

"Style Lend helps women monetize their closet by renting out their fashion." 

The problem: Women don't wear most of their wardrobe, most of the time. Party dresses are a repeat offender, for sitting in closets gathering dust.

The solution: Style Lend is a peer to peer community that allows women to rent out their clothes to other people in their area. Those renting clothes make extra money, and customers can wear exciting clothes for special occasions at a fraction of the cost. It's also another way to reduce fashion waste!

7. Trendlistr

"Vintage clothes for modern people. Online fashion marketplace for curated vintage clothing."

The problem: Vintage marketplaces are often flooded with low quality items and photography that don't appeal to the fashion conscious creative people who love styling vintage clothes for the 21st century. 

The solution: Trendlistr is a closed community of sellers (who need to be invited to sell) focussing on high-quality authentic items and inspiring people to integrate vintage into their everyday wardrobes.

8. Popbasic

"Popbasic is an online fashion brand for women. We design and manufacture clothing and accessories. Our merchandise is sold in three piece sets called "micro collections", for under $100 with free worldwide shipping."

The problem: Fast fashion makes us all consume more, all the time, and can be seriously overwhelming.

The solution: Perfectly curated micro collections distill fashion trends into outfit and accessory combinations that appeal to everyone. A light hearted, and pared back approach to clothing that's refreshing in a worls that's always trying to foist more product on us.

9. Love & Robots

"Love & Robots is an interactive jewellery brand for personalized, 3d printed products. You can tweak, personalize and re-design our products to yourself, directly from your browser in real-time in 3d."

The problem: High street jewellery is same-y and can often be low quality. Fine jewellery is expensive and niche. But people want accessories with a special meaning and significance!

The solution: Love & Robots allows you to commission jewellery that is 3D printed by Love & Robots and then delivered to your door.

10. Wildfang

"Our store may be founded upon a woman's right to menswear, but our core is founded upon a woman's right to rights. "

The problem: Clothing is still thoroughly divided along gender lines, leaving some women no choice but to shop in mens' sections, with awkward sizes, for the styles they like.

The solution: Wildfang creates womenswear with a gender neutral look. The brand encourages people to be empowered to wear what THEY want to wear, not what they feel they SHOULD wear.


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