Monday, 20 February 2017

Creative Showcase @ Kommunity NCL

So this is the story of how we had an accidental launch party. I am not the technical side of this operation, and whilst I know my way around a computer (having been frankly a little obsessed with them since day 1), the matrix-y, coding side of things is largely left up to my technical partner. Consequently, I know the general overview of timescales, but sometimes things can take less (or more) time than I anticipate and the next thing you know: WE WERE LIVE!

I just happened to already be a part of the Creative Showcase event at Kommunity before this happened. So the timing was perfect, I made a few sales, enjoyed Kommunity's friendly, lively atmosphere and saw some of my good friends from around Newcastle and the start-up scene.

I wanted to share some photos from this unexpectedly fabulous day taken by my uber talented photographer friend, Marion Botella...

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