Tuesday, 28 February 2017

BlogCrush: ModaChela

Introducing our new BlogCrush, a bilingual fashion and lifestyle blog whose main focus is the empowerment of women through casual but perfectly put together fashion. We spoke to her about inspiration and why being a fashion chameleon beats fitting in every time.

Why did you start blogging and what is the purpose of the ModaChela blog?

I started blogging because I wanted to develop my own professional opportunity. Living in a country where the economic status was very weak and the companies were hiring fewer people, I felt responsible for myself and needed to move on, despite how broken the system was and sadly, still is. I wanted to work at something that I believed in and felt truly passionate about, what better way than building your own business? Fashion is one of my greatest passions, and knowing I had the tools to make a career out of it, made me very excited and moved me into entering this industry.

The purpose of ModaChela is to build a platform that focuses on using fashion as a voice to express my style spontaneity, and perspectives related to the fashion industry. My mission is to engage and inspire women to feel free to be who they are, feel empowered by their self-esteem, and not limit themselves to what society establishes in terms of what to wear. Also to educate the feminine audience in terms of how PR works in this industry and about women in fashion, learning how they managed their career. 

Why do you think that fashion is so important?

Fashion is important because it’s essentially an artistic form of self-expression, just like painting or even writing. Fashion lets you tell the world who you are and what’s your personality about without using words. That’s what’s so magnificent from it.

What is your favourite style of clothing and why? Do you have any favourite designers that represent this?

I wouldn’t say I have a favorite style of clothing, because I dress according to how I feel. One day I might feel very girly and pull off a midi skirt with some high heels, and another day I might want to dress more casual and wear my favorite pair of leggings or ripped jeans and some sneakers with a T-shirt. Fashion doesn’t need labels. With that, my biggest style inspiration is Leandra Medine, Founder of Man Repeller, because I admire her bravery of going out to world, dressing for herself without caring if people like it or not, which is the main focus of her blog. What I learned from her is to not be afraid of going bold, something I had missed from my old self for a long time before I decided to feel obligated to follow society’s steps in terms of style. That’s a big mistake. Be yourself and embrace it!

What is the most exciting new trend in fashion in your opinion?

Mules! I’m so excited to get a pair. I feel they’re the perfect shoe for a casual or nigh out because it has elegance, charm, and authenticity being able to look great for any occasion. 

Also, the fact that they’re very stylish and comfortable at the same time, makes it ten times better.

What would you say to a woman who wants to experiment more with fashion but doesn't know where to start?

I would tell her to start with a garment she already loves, and add pieces she thinks it would fit or combine, without being judgemental or feeling insecure. This would help her have a starting point to begin with, giving her much more security when styling.

Can you pick out your 5 favourite items on TrendListr? 

These items from TrendListr are my favorites because together they create a fun yet elegant combination. These mix of textures and colors create a unique outfit that speaks for itself. I felt truly inspired by these.

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