Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The 5 Things No One Tells You About Selling Vintage Online

This article was originally published on www.LouisaRogers.eu, my personal blog.

1. It will take over your damn life. If fashion wasn't your life before, prepare to be plunged into a multiverse of eras, designers and fabrics. Overwhelming is probably the right word to describe it - but it's fantastic too because you will never be bored.

2. You will never be able to say 'No' to anything ever again - once you find an item, you have one chance to rescue it forever, or abandon it and never see it again. The psychological distress this can cause can be significant when one runs out of change at a car boot sale with no ATM in sight.

3. People on the internet are kind of awesome. I've literally had the smallest handful of difficult customers, in about 9 months of intense internet selling. People are super understanding and patient, which is great! Faith in humanity: Sort of restored.

4. Writing descriptions turns into a pun-a-thon. For some reason, you start to think the wittier your wordplay, the more likely you are to make a sale. Then you forget to include vital measurements.

5. You will dream about it. I frequently dream about car boot sales and charity shops where I find a YSL Russian Collection dress for 50p at the local jumble sale. I also have nightmares where my garment steamer breaks.

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