Monday, 12 December 2016

Pop Up Sale @ Wildflower Cafe

FREE admission - just sign up to our mailing list on your way in!
TrendListr (, the online fashion marketplace for preloved and vintage clothing, is collaborating with Wildflower Vegan Art Cafe to SHAKE OFF THE JANUARY BLUES in the form of a preloved pick-me-up!
Get out from under your blankets, turn off Planet Earth, throw out your cuppa, and get downtown for some good old retail therapy. Prices start from just £1, so there's something for every budget.
TrendListr will be displaying goodies in sizes 6-20 and across a range of styles and eras. We self expression and creativity through clothing, so come and discover that fashion doesn't have to be new to be exciting!

We have a limited amount of tickets so be sure to sign up ASAP.
This event is run by Louisa, a local entrepreneur (Founder of TrendListr) and blogger, you can see more about her style on her personal blog at

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