Friday, 30 December 2016

How To Car-Boot As A Student

Car-booty gets a bad reputation when a lot of people are just selling on gently used items at rock bottom prices. As a student, it's definitely a consumption method worth exploring - low cost, and quite enjoyable if you have a bit of the 'magpie gene' in you...

1. Take out a certain amount of cash and have that as your budget

Once you are there, it's too tempting to run to the nearest cash machine and take more money out. Get a limited amount of cash out and stick to it.

2. Do a round before you buy

Always do a round of the entire venue before you commit to buying any higher value objects. If you're in doubt, many stall holders are happy to reserve items for a short period of time. This also means you aren't lugging around heavy objects that could impede your ability to look at stalls close up.

3. Double check the Events

The amount of times I have shown up to car boot sales that then simply never happen is too great! Make sure to double check events, many car boot sales do not bother to take down online advertisements when they shut up shop - it's better to look out for Facebook events and see when the latest activity was, then base your decision on that!

4. Be strategic with your shopping

Well presented, laid out and curated stores generally have items that are more expensive and are run by professional traders and dealers. It can be just as fruitful to head for messy stalls, or even piles of clothing or books. These stalls are usually belonging to people who are clearing out their homes, and will have far lower prices and the potential to haggle further.

5. Cheekily ask 'Do you offer a student discount?'

This is a sneaky way of letting the stall holder know your (probably less than healthy) financial situation whilst also haggling down the price. Even if they don't agree to a lower price, this line usually gets a laugh which builds rapport if you buy further products from them later on.

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