1. The Mummy

Layer up some bohemian jewellery with creepy bandages and golden make-up to channel the spooky, Ancient Egyptian ghoul.

2. The Magician 

Harlequin print shorts, a velvet cape and optional bunny in the hat! Everything you need to magic up a perfect outfit.

3. The Spooky Clown 

Inspired by IT, there are bound to be a tonne of clowns around this halloween! Rock stripy overalls with pom pom details and spooky harlequin inspired make-up.

4. The Hippy 

A classic - layer up flower power flares with a ridiculous pair of sunglasses and a poncho. If you look like you've come straight from Woodstock, you're getting the idea!

5. 1920s Flapper 

Check out Make Do And Vamp's tutorial (click on the image below) for this gorgeous 1920s style crown. Wear with a beaded drop waist dress and art deco inspired jewellery for optimal impact.

6. Margot Tenenbaum 

Fur coat and pastel colours = done! Probably the quickest fix costume on this list.

7. Cheerleader 

Oh I think that I've found myself a cheerleader! There are lots of vintage cheerleading sets hanging around online, and the best thing is that you can keep the outfits and wear the skirt and sweater separately for day to day looks.

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8. Dorothy

We're not in Kansas anymore! Because here you can find ruby woo slippers, gingham check and adorable vintage wicker bags within the click of a button.

9. Prom Queen 
Layers of tulle and ruffles in ice cream colours look amazing for Halloween. This dress is a particular favourite! You can find some other Grease inspired options here and here.

10. Showgirl 

Embrace sparkles with a diamante bralette and ostrich feather headdress!

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11. Amelia Earheart 

For fearless girls. Beige jodhpurs, a crisp white shirt, and flying leathers will complete this!

Monday, 16 October 2017

The Best Vintage Inspired Halloween Costumes

One of Italy's most iconic fashion houses has a long legacy of humorous, sometimes satirical, but always conversation-starting fashion. Moschino's ingenuity means that is has been pushing the limits of high-end fashion since it's inception in the early 1980s. 

We have rounded up our favourite selection of Vintage Moschino on the web - some of these pieces have been sold already but are included for their importance and striking design. A lot of these pieces are still available for purchase, click the link to be taken to the product page! 

We hope you enjoy this round up, and we will be doing this for several more designers as we understand the importance of curating the best of vintage when the web can be so overwhelmingly full of products.

1. Moschino Vintage House Print Coat
4. Moschno Car Print Bomber Jacket
6. Moschino Novelty House Handbag
8. Moschino Lichenstein Print Top

1. Moschino Newspaper Print Blazer
5. Moschino Cruise Me Top
6. Moschino Love Is Art Skirt (£337)

8. Moschino Jeans 

1. Moschino Bustier Top
2. Moschino Spotted Dress
3. Moschino Strapless Dress
7. Moschino Men's Photocollage Shirt
8. Moschino Jacket

5. Moschino Belt (£200)

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Moschino Top 100 Curated by Trendlistr

Well, naturally we had to write this article - after all, we wouldn't exist if we didn't think we weren't the right platform for the job! Here ares a few reasons why you might want to consider becoming a seller on Trendlistr, the new vintage fashion marketplace...

1. Unlimited free listings
We are really proud that the Trendlistr platform is not charging sellers for listings they haven't sold. We feel it's important that sellers aren't paying for items that might not ever sell, and that they can comfortable upload a great range and variety of items to their profile, without even having to think of the cost.

2. A Curated Platform
Trendlistr is a curated vintage platform, meaning that administrators control the listings on the marketplace for great quality product photography, on-trend items, and authenticity. Being alongside fabulous items on the electronic shelf means the brand you've worked so hard to build up isn't damaged by the bargain bin prices of other traders, and buyers have a great browsing experience online, encouraging "dwell time," that more frequently results in a sale.

3. Social Media Reach

Trendlistr has had a rapidly growing social media following since it's launch in May 2017. We have over 2k+ follows on Instagram and average over 100k+ monthly views on our Pinterest page. 

We actively promote, and generally shout about members of our community and beyond, and have cultivated a following that truly cares about Trendlistr and appreciates its' aesthetic and mission! As a seller, you will benefit from traffic being driven to your items, as well as plenty of chances to tell your story and get people excited about your shop - be it online only or even bricks and mortar!

If you'd like more information about becoming a seller with us, contact our founder at louisa@trendlistr.com!

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Why Should You Sell Your Vintage With Trendlistr?

Image courtesy of Photographer Adam Jackson 
@Adamj.photo on IG 

I've been following Bettina of Virle Cole for a while now. Her vibrant, positive fashion imagery and styling really excited me - to see someone interpreting vintage fashion in such a unique way made me feel that there were other people out there who wanted to embrace the Trendlistr mission. I am thrilled to be able to share this little interview with you all! You can follow Bettina on Instagram and on her website.

Above: Bettina's aunt and grandmother looking fabulous!

How did you first become involved in the world of vintage fashion?

Vintage clothing has always had a deep place in my heart and I’ve had a passion for vintage style for as long as I can remember. As a young girl, I would play dress up in my aunt’s and godmother jewelry and accessories and would even try to wear their clothes to school. I marveled at their styles at an earlier age because they always dressed glamorous and ladylike.

So, seven years ago, I decided to turn my passion into a profitable business by selling the clothing I’ve collected and styling others in my collectibles.  I waited for a long time to launch my website because I wanted to learn the online e-commerce shopping and shipping platform. I also wanted a certain polished look and feel not something just sketch together overnight.

So, I started out selling on eBay to gain experience and familiarize myself with the e-commerce business. In less than 7 months, With that experience, after waiting and debating for four years, I forced myself to launch and decided to jump out and show the world my love of vintage fashion - knowing that my website was not perfect, but it was a start.

Image courtesy of Photographer Adam Jackson 

@Adamj.photo on IG 

Have you studied styling or are you self-taught?

Self-Taught with a lot of practice.

Image courtesy of Photographer Adam Jackson 

@Adamj.photo on IG 

What are the main activities you do at Virle Cole?

I style talent and create high fashion editorial imagery. My job as the creative director and stylist for Virlé Cole is to create compelling visuals and imagery that tells the story of the garments. I want to emerge vintage fashion into major publications so I refocused my brand from just selling vintage clothes on my website to also creating high fashion editorials. With that, I select vintage garments, jewelry, accessories, for the photo shoot. I’m also the prop stylist, which means bringing elements into the picture to capture the full emotion of the concept.
I also give feedback and direction on the photo shoot location  and will develop the look based on the location. In many cases, I rely on the photographer to scout the location and set up the behind the scenes video.
I often scroll through Google to find inspiration. I  discuss makeup ideas for many hours with the makeup artist. Styling for a photoshoot, involves a lot of planning, and coordination. I’m completely drained afterward but when the results are amazing, the time and energy is all worth it.

Image courtesy of Photographer Adam Jackson 

@Adamj.photo on IG 

Why are you passionate about presenting vintage clothing in a modern way?

The Virlé Cole brand is all about timeless vintage styles, and my mission is to motivate young souls to wear vintage clothes. I want to ditch the pre-conceived notion that new clothes are best. Because most people cannot afford new clothes, they don’t have the money to afford luxury brands.

So why not buy something better, something that has life, a piece of history that was made with love, passed down through generations. I knew that in order for me to persuade people to buy from www.virlecole.com I had to convince them of how the style could look, so I shifted my strategy to show how you can wear both the old and new.

Changing the fashion paradigm of how people feel about wearing vintage clothing is my main goal. Seeing is believing!

Photographer -  Radek 

@RadekArtPhoto on IG 

Who and what inspires you when you are styling images?

Growing up, I loved to adorn myself in my Godmother Virgie’s accessories and layer on my Aunt Shirley’s jewelry. Virlé Cole is created in honor of my godmother and in honor of my Aunt Shirley who currently lives in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Virlé is a tribute to their glamorous, timeless style and Cole speaks to my appreciation for contemporary trends. Virgie and Shirley influence my style of vintage fashion and are the inspiration for the name Virle' (pronounced ver-lay). They both have a major impact on my life and much of the vintage imagery is due to my memories of how they dressed.

Image courtesy of Photographer Adam Jackson 
@Adamj.photo on IG 
What is your favourite era of vintage clothing and why?

My favorite clothing is from the 60’s. It was such an iconic decade that birth the bell bottoms into our clothing world. I love high waisted wide-legged pants as I love movement that they create, plus its just not seen as much today.   

Image courtesy of Photographer Adam Jackson 
@Adamj.photo on IG 

Do you have any advice for other entrepreneurs who dream of going into fashion?

  1. Hire someone to help you
  2. Collaborate with others to get exposure
  3. Always look at a failure as an opportunity
  4. Never Quit
  5. Write down your goals and tell everyone what you want to do, and let the universe work its magic!

Who is your celebrity style icon and why?

Diana Ross, Coretta Scott King, and Jackie Kennedy are some of my favorite style icons from the 60’s and 70’s.  It's mostly because they wore clothing in such a  casual but ladylike way and yet it appeared very sophisticated.

Image courtesy of Photographer Adam Jackson 
@Adamj.photo on IG 

Which are your 3 favourite pieces from www.trendlistr.com and how would you style them?

The 80’s Diane Fre Zebra Print Jumper Sweater is basically Me! I love the colors, the fabric texture. I will combine this sweater with some junky jeans and a cute shoe and make it a dazzling modern-vintage combination.

The second favorite item on your site that I LOVE… is the cute little vintage silk polka-dot square scarf.  I’m a big fan of vintage accessories, whether it be Fedora's, brooches, or shoes. I think adding vintage accessories to your wardrobe is a  perfect way to combine styles from different decades together and also a quick way to modernize your everyday look. I would style this scarf with a cute blazer and top it off with a fedora.

Florals, Florals & more florals. I love this 70’s print floral blazer and think it would perfect with some black skinny jeans and high boots.  

Bettina Coleman, Creative Director x

Monday, 4 September 2017

Trendlistr Met... Virle Cole!

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